Tips to make your move easier

Tips to make your move easier

Planning to make the big move anytime soon? We got you—and your items, of course. As responsible removalists, not only do we make sure that we get your belongings to your new home, but we also see to it that they get there in one piece. No cracks, no dents—all intact.  

For our first blog in the new decade, allow us to share with you our tips on protecting your items during a move. 

  1. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper 

So the subheading got your attention, eh? With that, what we simply mean to say is, put it where it exactly fits. Just because you can squeeze that tiny item along with bigger ones in a big box doesn’t mean that you should. Otherwise, it should come as no surprise if it gets crushed by the weight of the other items. Where there are big and small feet, there are also big and small boxes for you to utilize depending on the size of the item. Think of yourself as Prince Charming trying to find the perfect foot that fits the glass slipper (except you have the foot and you need to look for a slipper of its size).  

  1. Paddington 

No, not the bear! A ton of padding. Especially for fragile items that might easily break, it is crucial that you put padding to fill in the gaps in the boxes. Depending on what you’re wrapping, you can choose from a wide selection of materials, like blankets, paper, bubble wrap, and even stuff empty spaces with pieces of cardboard. And if you hire us for the job? We guarantee to bring more than necessary to make sure that everything is well-secured with not a single scratch. 

  1. Carrie…what you can. 

Whether the name reminds you of Carrie Underwood or the horror novel by the great Stephen King, for us movers, only one thing comes to mind: carry all small items of great value. Don’t even have second thoughts about taking prized possessions (e.g. jewellery and other heirlooms) or important documents (e.g. passports, birth certificates) with you. Stashing them away along with everything else will only put them at great risk of getting broken or misplaced. Otherwise, you can also to choose to have them shipped separately. 

  1. Insurance and Inventories 

Well, we’ve officially run out of movie puns, but here’s an alliteration for you! Anyway, most of us focus on the actual packing process that we often overlook these two things, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty of insurance and inventories. 

Get moving insurance or check its cover if your possessions are already insured. Choosing a removalist who offers this would significantly make the move less stressful, especially in the case of damaged items. On the other hand, before or while packing things, it’s important to make an inventory or take pictures of your belongings so that should anything go missing, you’ve got sufficient evidence to show the insurance company and claim your coverage for the loss. 

Have you ever finished unpacking, only to see that your beloved antique figurines have been not-so-subtly chipped? In the midst of all the chaos that is moving and transitioning into your new home, you obviously wouldn’t want any more stressors. To avoid such instances, it would be best to invest in hiring an experienced removalist company with a good reputation. A company like…Botany Removals, no doubt! Call us at 1300 903 922 for a hassle-free moving experience and, not to mention, a free quotation!