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Office Removals, Sydney

Growing pains in the office don’t just happen inside the office, it’s normal to experience some challenges when it comes to relocation and office furniture removal. Some businesses move out of their current location due to a few reasons, including:

  • Moving to a more affordable office
  • Finding a more accessible space
  • Scaling up or down and requiring a different sized office space

Regardless of the reason, getting professional help with your office move will ensure that it is done seamlessly and effectively.

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Sydney, Australia is definitely home to many removal services. However, not all providers are well-versed in office removal services, and this is where Botany Removals shines through with our quality services, professionalism and expertise.

Simply put, we offer the best quality office removals services.

Our office relocations are of high quality. Our quality and attention to detail is incomparable and we provide services that range from complete office moves where you are moving out of your current location to simple (or complex) office furniture removal requirements.

To give you an idea of what we offer, here’s an overview of our office removals services.


Affordable Pricing

Custom Solutions

Years of Experience


Our Office Removal Services

Our office removals include assisting offices and owners to completely move from their current location to another. If you are moving out completely and you are planning to transfer your office furniture such as your chairs, tables, office cabinets and desks, our Sydney removals can do the heavy lifting for you (literally!) including packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking. Just call one of our team members on 0432 079 095 and we’ll help you devise a plan of action for your move date.

If instead, you are not completely moving our and just want to transfer a few items or a certain portion of your office, we can help you there too. Our office removals include all kinds of office assistance from small to large tasks. For instance, if you want to remove some of your furniture and fixtures (due to an upgrade or junk removal), our Sydney movers will provide you with the options and requirements you need to ensure that this is a seamless and painless experience for you and your team.

We equip our staff with the best tools and safety equipment so that we can not only protect your assets, but protect your team and our team too. You can rest assured that your office belongings are in great hands with us. In the unlikely event that an accident does occur, we are fully insured and will work closely with you on a resolution that keeps you happy.

Professionalism is what we are all about and this wouldn’t be possible without hiring the best people to help us deliver expertly crafted removal services. Botany Removals is comprised of professional removals team who are trained, knowledgeable and well-equipped for any type of office or home removal job. With the right knowledge and equipment, we ensure that our removals team know exactly what to do when you book a service with us. Our clean, quick, effective and most importantly, safe methods will definitely benefit you at the end of the process.

The edge that we have over our competitors in Sydney, Australia is our experience in the industry. Owner Giuseppe Mercury has been in the removals industry for countless years and throughout those years, we’ve grown and learnt a lot from our experiences with our clients and fellow removal team. Their feedback has consistently helped us to improve our processes and provide the best possible service that we can. Our years in the industry, coupled with our friendly, professional and high quality removal services are what make Botany Removals your number one choice for your move.

Offering free quotations and evaluations to our clients helps us build a rapport with them and engages in a collaborative solution to the challenges involved with moving. If you are looking to move out of your office in the near (or not so near) future, give us a call today on 1300 903 922 and we will organise someone from our team to not only provide you with a free quotation but also book a time to inspect the location so that we can effectively plan the move and discuss options with you, giving you the peace of mind that you and your team deserve, meaning that you can focus on growing your business whilst we take care of the heavy lifting for you. To book in your professional office relocation and removal service, contact us today.