How to Prepare for a Move

How to prepare for a move

Moving to a new place is undoubtedly a life-changing decision. New house, new neighbourhood, new environment—it’s like going back to square one! We’re familiar with all the stress that comes along after the fact, but what we don’t talk about much is how equally stressful preparing for the move is! Apart from the packing and transportation (which wouldn’t be stressful at all if you choose to hire us!), saying goodbye to your old house or office can emotionally take a toll on you. It’s a place where you’ve probably grown in more ways than one, a place that holds a lot of memories, and if you’re on the sentimental side, moving would be as though leaving a piece of you behind.

In our very first blog post, we’ll be talking about eleven ways on how to prepare for a move

  1. Condition yourself.  Before you start with all the packing, take in the view for the final time. You’re soon starting over with a blank slate. How does that make you feel? Downcast? Thrilled? Whatever the feeling might be, it’s crucial to mentally condition yourself ahead of it all. It’s okay to be sad at first, but then, think of moving as an opportunity to meet new people and experience new things! If you also have kids, it’s best to talk to them about this, too. Keep them in the loop to put them at ease.
  2. Take what you need. Are you sure that you still need ABSOLUTELY everything you own? Really? Down to the smallest knickknack that you impulsively bought? What about that blouse that you never even get to wear anymore? Remember, fewer items means easier packing! So take just what you need and be spared from the hassle of having to pack a plethora of obsolete items. Plus, even earn a few bucks if you choose to sell them!
  3. Label the boxes. Instead of idly stashing everything away in boxes, make sure to be organized to lessen your unpacking woes. Furthermore, a good idea would be to take a marker and label each of them.
  4. Check the utilities. About a few weeks ahead of the big day, check out your new place and make sure that it’s already 100% habitable. You surely don’t want to arrive at a home that doesn’t even have necessities like water. Trust us, after a tiring day of moving, you’d surely yearn for a relaxing bubble bath, and that wouldn’t be possible if you haven’t set up the utilities yet!
  5. Pack a moving kit. It’s just like a travel kit, except for the fact that you’ll be staying at your destination for a few years—if not forever! Pack several garments, your toiletries, and any other essentials separately so that you don’t have to dig through every box just to brush your teeth. Also, best prepare some pillows and sleeping bags because you’ll most probably be a camper during your first night!
  6. Update the movers. Keep your removal servicing company in the know regarding every detail about moving. Tell them about the when, where, and what your things are so that they, too, could make preparations and get the necessary equipment ready. Clear, effective communication is a must so that everything will flow seamlessly during the big day. 
  7. Pack properly! If you’re considering using trash bags to pack some stuff, we highly suggest that you don’t. They can accidentally be thrown away with all the hustle and bustle.
  8. Get a pet-sitter or babysitter. Have you got pets or kids whom you might not be able to attend to when you’ve got your hands full during and after the move? Make arrangements for friends, relatives, or an actual sitter to watch them to save you from tantrums and further trouble.
  9. Secure your valuables. As the signage goes, do not leave your valuables unattended! Things can get a bit messy during the entire process, and skipping this tip might increase the risk of you losing something important. Make sure to store them in a safe place.
  10. Empty the fridge. Don’t forget to consume or perhaps donate the contents of your refrigerator and pantry. Should you want to bring them along, though, ensure a dedicated space and a portable cooler to keep them from being spoiled.
  11. Rest. On the night before, you might feel nervous, giddy, and unable to sleep but do try your best to! Moving to a new place sure is exciting, but it’s also definitely exhausting, and you’ll certainly be needing all the rest that you can get.

We hope that these tips would prove to be helpful! If you still haven’t decided on the company that you’d be hiring, we’d love to talk to you about all the reasons why you should go for Botany Removals! Contact us today at 1300 903 922.