How to effectively unpack after a move

For our first few blogs, we’ve talked about packing, moving, and everything in between. However, getting everything and everyone to your new home isn’t the end of the journey—it’s actually just the beginning of many more to come.

Hold your horses, though! Before exploring your new neighbourhood and visiting all the local destinations, you’ve got to start with the unpacking first.

Here are a timeline and some tips on unpacking efficiently and methodically, a gift from Botany Removals to you.


  • A few days before moving…

Should it be possible for you to visit your new house at least 3 days prior to moving, do so and bring some cleaning materials like brooms, dustpans, mops, and vacuums with you. Thoroughly clean the house to get rid of dust and dirt before it gets filled with boxes. This way, you’d only be doing minimal cleaning on the actual moving day. Moreover, while you’re there, ensure that all utilities have been set up so that it wouldn’t be a problem when everybody gets there a few days later.

Now is also a good time to envision which furniture goes where, whose room will this and that be, etc.

  • On the long-awaited moving day…

Hopefully, you’ve read through our previous blogs wherein we repeatedly emphasized the need for packing a separate box/kit for essentials because this is where it comes in handy.

We understand how daunting it is to unpack more or less than twenty boxes, and of course, you wouldn’t want to do everything in one day. On the moving day itself, unpack the essentials, along with every perishable food item that you may have brought. As we have previously mentioned, though, if the fridge was on its side during the move, make sure to let it sit upright for a few hours first before plugging it to avoid any damages to its compressor.

Fridge aside, among the things that you need to unpack as soon as possible are the following:

  • Utensils, like plates, silverware, and glasses, so that you could take breaks and eat. Unpacking is an arduous task, and you’d need all the energy that you can get!
  • Shower curtains and toiletries to wash off the dirt and sweat from all the moving and unpacking.
  • Clean sheets and pillows because you deserve a good night’s sleep after a long, exhausting day.
  • The next few days…

Start to unpack the rest of your things one room at a time. If you did as we suggested and labelled every box when packing, then unpacking wouldn’t have to be some sort of a guessing game for you. Start with the kitchen, moving on to the bedrooms, and then the bathrooms.

  • Over the first few weeks…

Some rooms that don’t need to be unpacked immediately, like the study and the game room, can be last on the priority list. Once the big items in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are settled, it’s time to unpack the smaller ones, such as all of your clothes, books, and every other knickknack that isn’t urgently required.


  1. Now that you have the timeline above to use as a schedule guide for unpacking, it would also be a good idea to assign who will be unpacking what. Distribute the tasks among the members of the household to make quicker progress. If there aren’t enough pairs of hands, ring a few friends or relatives and ask them to help over some snacks!
  2. The new life chapter that comes with moving is definitely exciting, but you know what isn’t? Unpacking. Well, we can do something about that! Connect your phone or laptop to some speakers and blast your favourite upbeat music! Turn responsibility into recreation, and you won’t notice that you’ve accomplished so much already…or not, if you ever get completely distracted and just danced instead of getting some actual work done. Please do not sue us for this!
  3. And while we’re talking about being distracted, another tip is to hold out on setting up the television or your gaming computer, as well as anything else that could possibly put you off track.
  4.  Take breaks when you need to! It’s okay to stray from your planned schedule if it meant taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Once you’re done unpacking the basic stuff, feel free to set everything aside for a while, go for a stroll, and meet your new neighbours! Unpacking can sure be burdensome, so your feelings are totally valid!

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