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Furniture Removals, Sydney

Looking to transport your furniture to your new home in Sydney?

Do you need fast and reliable furniture transportation?

Botany Removals is the right solution for you. If you are preparing to move, then you are probably also preparing to move your furniture too. Transporting furniture can be a problem because of its size and weight, so enlisting the help of professionals to do this job is a no-brainer. Botany Removals is the best choice for all of your Sydney furniture removal needs, and we’ve received a countless amount of praise across this great city for the way we care and deliver your valuables.

Furniture removal in Sydney

We offer furniture removals and relocation services with upholstered vans and trucks that are used solely for transporting furniture and moving goods. We specialise in office and home removals and our careful and methodical approach to moving ensures that we work to protect your furniture from dust and possible damage. Our years of experience guarantees the maximum security of your furniture, contact us today for a free quotation, and find out why we are the best.


Affordable Pricing

Custom Solutions

Years of Experience


The price of your move is influenced by the following factors:

  • Distance to where the furniture is transported
  • The size and weight of the goods to be relocated or removed

By giving us a call today, you will receive a free estimate and a free quotation for your move. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your move is as seamless and painless as possible. We can even come to your current address to evaluate the surroundings and create a “plan of attack” on that exciting, yet stressful day! We offer a complete range of services for your home and office removal needs and have our methods for moving certain pieces of furniture. We endeavour to complete the move in a timely and safe fashion.

We will also be there to assist you with any dismantling of furniture if required. Our aim is to help, so we will strive to do this in any way possible.

Our Furniture Removal Services

We’re more than just a moving company, in addition to transporting furniture, we also offer the following services:

  • Loading/unloading and placement of the furniture in your new home
  • Dismantling and installation of shelves, cabinets, beds and appliances
  • Preparing and packing items in specifically marked boxes and bags
  • Protection of your furniture, paintings, mirrors and any of your priceless items
  • Providing boxes and equipment required to seamlessly facilitate your move
  • Organising storage for furniture and any other items between moving in periods
  • Junk removal offerings

Although, we do our best and take the utmost care with every job that we are privileged to work on, accidents can happen, but you can rest assured knowing that we are fully insured and that your furniture is in safe hands regardless of what happens. We are here to work with you, so let’s partner up.

Removing furniture is only one step in the process of furniture removals. When it comes to antique furniture, depending on the weight of it and the space in which it is placed, it is generally conveyed by hand or with the help of ropes. Depending on whether or not the item can be dismantled, adequate protection is essential. We generally use cardboard at the minimum to protect your furniture when moving, however, depending on the nature of the item, further protection methods are implemented.

Our prices are reasonable and our service is unbeatable. Botany Removals is your premier Sydney removalist and we always offer our service with a smile.

Depending on the quantity, size and weight of the furniture, we offer a suitable method of transportation, whether it is a van, truck or semi. When moving furniture, the pieces of furniture are placed in transport so that they are as safe as possible throughout the journey, with minimal risk of damage. If necessary, we even create wooden frames that hold the furniture in place. After arriving at your new home or office, the furniture is then carefully taken out of the transport and escorted into the building. The move doesn’t just end on the road, we’ll also move the appliances and furniture inside the building and will help you reassemble it too.

We’re no strangers when it comes to moving, and we are proud of our great track record that we have with our clients and we always aim to focus on growing these relationships with them. Every new move is a new story for us, and we want you to be a part of our story. We give 100% to every move we coordinate and our vehicles are equipped to the latest Australian standards and are upholstered for the safety of your belongings.

Our team of Sydney movers are equipped with the knowledge and the tools you need for a successful move. We provide the cardboard boxes, vehicles and expertise at all times so you can focus on the excitement of your move! Nothing is too big for us to handle, we are at your service, so give us a call on 1300 637 322 and let us be a part of this journey with you. Why do it yourself when you can hire an exceptional workforce who are always ready to help? Get a free quote from us today and let’s plan your move together.